Learn why when you change your thoughts to what you want to have happen instead of what you don’t you Change Your Reality.

Imagine what would happen if whatever you see in your mind you could create in your life.  Find out how our 6 month program can help you change your thoughts and change your life.

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Meet Your Coach Belle-Lyssa

Lyssa customizes a “mental diet” for each of her clients and helps them to align their lives to achieve lasting change. She is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who specializes in Mental Fitness. She is also a certified Fnctional Medicine Coach who can help you uncover what the root causes of your issues are. She will teach you how to “re-wire” your brain so that you can start getting the results you want in your life instead of sabotaging your success. Change your thoughts and change your life. She brings a wealth of experience, training, positive intelligence, creativity and enthusiasm to her coaching practice. In addition to being a Mental Fitness Coach she is also passionate about natural cures for diseases an artist, vocalist, indoor gardener extraordinaire, author, motivational speaker and nature lover.

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Let me INSPIRE you from the inside, help you create an UNSTOPPABLE spirit, LIVE your BEST life, have the life that you really want, attract opportunities and people into your life to take you were you want to go, LIVE the LIFE you IMAGINE….. I’m a firm believer that our thoughts create our reality…. I have over 25 years of coaching and counseling experience and I am living proof that you can have the life that you want.

What People Are Saying…..

Sharon Steinheiser

“Belle-Lyssa is a strong leader in her field, compassionate and nurturing, and incredibly insightful. Her years of experience have given her the tools to help guide others who are willing to put in the work and help themselves.”

“I have known and worked with Belle-Lyssa since she started her career as a Life Coach for nearly 2 decades. She has been the shot of sunshine thru many of my dark days…she has taught me, and reminds me when needed, that practicing gratitude is the single most important key to loving yourself just as you are and overcoming any negative feelings.” – Aletha Roper

“I have made more progress on myself in achieving my personal gaals in woring with Lyssa for less than 6 weeks than I have with 20 years of therapy. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.” –  Sue Tipler

“You have been most constructive and I feel that not only has a big weight been lifted off of my shoulders but a lot of the friction with myself has gone away. Your insights and support have helped my transform myself in this short time we have been working together” – Sundeep

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